Sites Being Moved

The following site(s) are in the process of being moved to this server. They may temporarily be accessed using their subdomain URL rather than their primary domain name:

Not Ashamed of the Gospel ( or

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SuperCAPTCHA for Registration Only

I’ve removed this from logins.  It will now be required for registrations only.

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Added SuperCAPTCHA

To prevent bots (and I’m looking at a blog or so as possible spammers), I’ve added SuperCAPTCHA.  I apologize to those who will have a harder time at login, but I cannot allow this blog system to become a haven for spam.

If things are very stable, I’ll remove CAPTCHA from logins but leave it only for registrations.

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Eneblogs Available

Welcome to This site provides blogs for people interested in blogging about the Bible, religious studies, or related topics, or are supporting non-profit organizations.

Instructions on blog setup are here.

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